Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's been awhile...

I am back from my hiatus...aka a job that keeps me super busy! The things we do for money...smh...
My thoughts are not yet organized, in fact I believe they have become even more disorganized, but hey organization is not something I'm used to so whateva!

I'm wondering what to do for the holiday season, can't afford to buy ANYTHING...the life of a public employee, so I have applied to various part-time jobs so I can get paid!
No more overtime at the 9-5, gotta make that money somewhere else, hopefully I'll be able to find a new 9-5 that will allow me to get paid without OT or PT-ers...gah...when the fuck is my degree supposed to kick in?!

photo.JPG <---I hope it doesnt come to this, the day it does is the day I'm quitting and jumping on a plane to some place is surrounded by water and sand...gotta learn to swim.